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About Key & Clover

Who am I? 
Who Am I?

My name is Janine, I love thrift stores, crafts, cats and anything vintage. As I child I was intuitive, but raised without a magical practice or tradition. At that time, the resources availbe to me were very limited and I found it incredibly painful to feel rejected or abandoned by magic. There is this idea that a spiritual person has to be, act, or look a certain way. I was seeking something, a magic I had always known, but could not quite put my finger on it. By all internet account of the late 90's it just didn't exist. It took time for the internet to catch up, but eventually I was able to connect with my ancestors and what remains of their practices. From there, I was able to bring it forward into a modern magic that has changed my life in such beautiful and profound ways.


Key & Clover is my way of throwing my hat in the ring, showing this other way. To make talismans that are not out of place in our modern lives, that inspire others to find the magic in the mundane. 

Why purchase what I make? 
Why purchase what I make?

First and foremost, it is my hope that a piece calls to you. All of my pieces are prepared based on my knowledge of magical principles and lifelong experience crafting.  I work in small batches and take the time to think of a piece's future owner, focusing on what is needed for them, as I make each piece by hand. If you don't see anything that grabs your attention, it says to me that what I made is still waiting for it's owner to come along. Key & Clover is about more than selling what I make, it is about support and helping to rekindle the spirituality that is missing from our everyday lives.

What to expect from a reading with me.
What to expect from a reading with me.

Tarot reading is a powerful tool to help illuminate the road ahead based on our current actions. When giving readings, I am not telling anyone their unchangeable fate, just what I see in the cards. As a result, there are always ways to shape the outcome or at least better weather it. I always let clients know what I see with honesty and compassion so that they walk away feeling empowered and prepared in the event that the cards indicate difficulties. 

Please note, readings are only for those 18 years of age or older. I can't give any medical, legal, or financial advice. 

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