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About Key & Clover

I’m Janine, the owner of Key & Clover, an intuitive tarot reader and creator of modern talismans. With a decade of experience reading tarot and a life spent coaxing the magic out of the mundane, my vision is to create an experience which nurtures the deeper connections to the magic that surrounds us.

At the heart of Key & Clover is the idea that everyone possesses their own unique magic, my services and talismans are designed to support and amplify that innate power.

Inspired by practices used across various folk magic traditions and vintage aesthetics, talismans are steeped in quality, beauty, and of course, magic! While I can make no grand claims, I pour love, intention, and heartfelt craftsmanship into each piece, ensuring they are something truly special.

Readings always honor the autonomy and agency of clients, asserting that fate is always within the hands of the seeker. Tarot can illuminate the paths ahead, so that you can confidently navigate your own journey.

If this resonates with you, I hope that you’ll join me on this journey of self-discovery, where we celebrate the beauty of the present moment and unlock the boundless potential that lies within. 

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